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This page is for those who use the Beamer Class for their LaTeX presentations, but are not happy with the default set of themes that comes with the package. Here I try to maintain an index of custom themes that are available on the internet. If you're lazy, just pick a theme and install it, or maybe use it for some inspiration and create your own.

Do you know a theme that should be on this list? Please let me know and I'll include it.

This list was created by Rogier Koppejan during his computer science studies at the University of Amsterdam. He hosted this page on his university website. To retain this collection after discontinuation of his account, he handed it over to me.


Amsterdam This theme is called "Amsterdam" and has been created by Rogier Koppejan. It's based on Dresden but with custom colors. You can download it here.
Bouveret Sylvain Bouveret has built an alternative beamer theme called progressbar, for more information, see his website (GitHub, some more themes).
CEA An unofficial CEA theme for latex beamer made by Fabrice Gadaud. Link.
Diepen For those that like airplanes (or any other background image I suppose), see Guido Diepen's theme here.
TU Eindhoven Here's a page that provides the TU Eindhoven style (it's the post dated January 31, 2008).
DIUF This theme was designed for the Theoretical Computer Science Research Group of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. You can find more information here.
Frederiksberg Frederiksberg beamer theme from the university of Copenhagen. Download here.
IAS Here's a theme created by Frans Oliehoek. He's part of the same research group (IAS) as I am and he made a theme to fit our IAS colors. Check it out on his webpage.
Oxygen/Air Two beautiful KDE themes exist, one's called "Oxygen", the other "Air". See this site for further details.
Stockton This is the Stockton Beamer Theme from the University of the Pacific.
Torino A fresh looking theme called "Torino" made by Marco Barisione. You can download it from his blog.
Trondheim A Beamer theme for NTNU made by Jorg Cassens. It's called "Trondheim". More info here.
Antwerpen The Universiteit Antwerpen has its own theme too, and it looks real nice! Check it out.
UMBC A couple of themes made Rouben Rostamian for UMBC University. See his beamer quickstart.
Nebraska-Lincoln Chris Bourke made a nice theme for the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. See his page for more details.
Uppsala And another one, this time for the Uppsala University of Sweden made by Frédéric Haziza. He maintains a seperate page here.
JAutomation A beamer style related to the Jacobs University is available from GitHub.
Kansai A Kansai Debian Presentation template is also available from GitHub.
Lleida Lleida's theme on GitHub.
Sybila Sybila's theme on GitHub.
DrBunsen Seth Brown (DrBunsen) created lightweight theme for his work. See more on his website or fetch it from Bitbucket.
Ghent Pieter Belmans has created a beamer theme for the University of Ghent. See his blog.
LSE An unofficial beamer theme for the London School of Economics created by Christopher Gandrud is available from GitHub.
ZBH A theme of the Zentrum fùr Bioinformatik, University of Hamburg on GitHub.
TU Braunschweig A beamer theme complying with the corporate design of TU Braunschweig: GitHub.
Carlworld Carl Compliant Beamer slide theme on GitHub.
intridea A nice theme using xelatex and the font Gill Sans: GitHub.
HongKong A theme related to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on GitHub.
lankton-keynote A theme simulating Apple's Keynote presentations: here.
McGill A theme with a nice McGill layout: here (section Latex).
subdued A subdued, stylish beamer template [by Cameron Bracken]: here.
hsrm A theme that complies with the corporate design of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences [by Benjamin Weiss]: here.
gc3-uzh-ch A theme that is based on the University of Zurich "corporate identity" guidelines [by Riccardo Murri]. GitHub.
median A theme that is ported from the PowerPoint theme Median [by Márton Marczell]. Bitbucket.
klope A theme that is ported from the Powerdot theme Klope [by Márton Marczell]. Bitbucket.
hsma A theme complying with the corporate design of Hochschule Mannheim - University of Applied Science, Germany [by Steve Hegenbart]. download.
bjeldbak A minimalistic beamer theme (based on the subdued theme) [by Martin Madsen]. GitHub.

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